How To Join

All prospective members of any Technical Society will need to have a EA ID, which can be obtained through Engineers Australia Website. You do not have to be a member of Engineers Australia to obtain an EA ID and join a Technical Society.

To become a member of any Technical Society, click on this link, which will take you to the Technical Societies homepage on the Engineers Australia website. Here you will see an option to ‘Join a Technical Society’. Click ‘Log in to myPortal’ and then follow the relevant instructions below:

Already have an EA ID:

If you already have an EA ID then please log in, if you have forgotten your password, there is a ‘Forgot/Reset Password’ link if needed.

If you do not have an EA ID:

Please click on the ‘Create new account’ link and fill in the necessary details. An EA ID will be sent to you automatically. From here you can log‐in to myPortal.

Once you have logged in to myPortal:

  • When you have logged in you will need to select ‘Join a Technical Society’ from the options provided in the main menu.
  • Click ‘Join’ and select the relevant Technical Society from the drop‐down list.
  • From here complete the form as necessary and submit. Please note that you need to agree to the Terms and Conditions for membership to be processed.

Once your membership has been activated you will be able to access all the benefits of Technical Society membership.

Any questions please contact Engineers Australia Member Services on 1300 653 113 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Further information about Technical Societies, including their websites, can be found on the
Engineers Australia Website.

About Us

"A key activity of the society is the provision of guidance to designers and practitioners on current and effective best practice."

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Australian Shotcrete Society is a Technical Society of Engineers Australia.