Repair, Restore, Strengthen

Shotcrete, a method of applying concrete pneumatically, has revolutionized the repair, restoration, and strengthening of existing structures. This technique is especially valuable in the reinstatement of structures damaged by corrosion, spalling, or fire.

Shotcrete can also be applied in small amounts to local areas of damage without the need for form work. In the hands of a good craftsman, the surface can be finished to resemble the original surface more readily than is possible using other processes of repair.

Shotcrete can also be utilized to enlarge structural elements thereby adding structural capacity.

Another common function of the shotcrete process is the application of fire proofing material to enhance the resistance of a structural system to fire. This typically involves special mixtures containing vermiculite or perlite aggregate.

Applications of Shotcrete in Repair and Restoration

  • Structural Repair: Shotcrete is commonly used for the repair of deteriorated concrete in bridges, culverts, sewers, dams, towers, ports, buildings, and steel structures​​.
  • Fire Damage Repair: It serves as an effective solution for concrete damaged by fire, aiding in both repair and fireproofing, particularly in chemical plants and oil refineries​​.
  • Restoration Processes: The success of restoration with shotcrete hinges on the proper identification and preparation of the affected areas. This ensures that the shotcrete adheres well and restores the structural integrity.

Strengthening with Shotcrete

  • Enhancing Load Capacity: Shotcrete can be used to increase the size of structural elements like beams, columns, slabs, masonry walls, tanks, and pipes, thereby enhancing their load-bearing capacity​​.
  • Adaptable to Various Structures: Whether it's reinforcing a swimming pool or lining a furnace, shotcrete’s versatility allows it to adapt to different structural requirements and shapes​​.
  • Refractory Applications: Shotcrete blends containing high-alumina cements and crushed firebricks are used for repairing furnaces, offering rapid application and enhanced refractory properties​​.

Shotcrete's flexibility, strength, and adaptability make it an ideal choice for the repair, restoration, and strengthening of a wide range of structures. Its ability to be applied quickly and in large volumes, even in hard-to-reach areas, underlines its effectiveness as a solution for extending the life and enhancing the resilience of existing structures.


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