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Dr Jurij Karlovsek

Dr Jurij Karlovsek is an engineer, researcher, and educator at The University of Queensland, Brisbane Australia. Jurij has a broad area of expertise in Geotechnical Engineering with the main specialty in infrastructure projects, especially the development of sustainable underground space, in which he made an original contribution to science. Jurij focuses on the digital enablement of infrastructure to deliver applications of digital engineering, asset information modelling, and construction. His current research lead area, as part of a UQ Sustainable Infrastructure Research Hub, is centered on digitalisation for a sustainable infrastructure future.

Dr Karlovsek is the link to the Australasian Tunnelling Society (ATS) for both the State and National executive committees and since 2016, Jurij chairs the International Tunnelling and Underground Space Association Working Group 22 with a working title – Information Modelling in Tunnelling. In addition to the above, Jurij actively engages in the mentorship of undergraduate students, supporting their industry engagement activities, and generally helping to make their experience as students a more enriched one.

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