BE, PhD, Sydney University

AuSS Committee Chair

Dr Bernard has been chair of the AuSS since its inception in 1998. He has also chaired three international conferences on shotcrete that have been organised by the society, these being in Hobart 2000, Cairns, 2004, and Queenstown, 2010. Dr Bernard is the director ofTechnologies in Structural Engineering Pty Ltd, a firm based in western Sydney that specialises in research and consulting related to shotcrete and fibre reinforced concrete. 

Dr Bernard is also a member of the American Concrete Institute, ASTM International, RILEM Committee TCC, IABSE, Concrete Institute of Australia, NATA, and is vice chair of Working Group 12 on shotcrete for the International Tunnelling Association.

He developed the ASTM C1550 round panel test in the late 1990s, and drove the development of the standard and implementation of round panel testing as part of QC for fibre reinforced shotcrete in Australia and other countries. He has participated in the development of methodologies for use of panel performance data in tunnel lining design, early age performance assessment, and numerous other aspects of shotcrete performance. This work has led to the publication of other 100 papers, including more than 30 journal papers.

Consulting work related to shotcrete has included advice on mix design and lining support design for mines and tunnels throughout Australia, and in other countries including India, China, Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkey, USA, Canada, Mongolia, Chile, Peru, and Sweden.

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