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© 2010 Taylor & Francis Group, London, UK. Used with permission. ABSTRACT: Shotcrete has long been used in civil works for free-form structures such as swimming pools and vertical construction of embankment walls and slope stabilisation. The majority of this type of work is still applied by hand. One of the chief limitations to shotcrete being used as a final finish is the aesthetic quality of the finished product. To overcome this, a variety of surface finishes have been developed by leaders in the industry including trowelled, coloured and sculptured finishes. However, due to some well documented examples of poor shotcrete construction many urban planners, government departments, builders, consultants and perhaps also the general public, consider shotcrete to be an unattractive final finish. This paper examines the recent history of the use of shotcrete in public infrastructure in Australia and examines how the correct application of skill and technique can avoid these problems.

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