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About AuSS

The Australian Shotcrete Society comprises industry professionals focused on the ongoing development and promotion of Shotcrete as a construction material. A key activity of the society is the provision of guidance to designers and practitioners on current and effective best practice.

The Society engages with other international bodies such as the American Shotcrete Association to maintain international parity in the understanding and identification of both common challenges, and mutually beneficial learnings. The Australian Shotcrete Society steering committee worked collaboratively with the Concrete Institute of Australia in the development and publication of the guide to Recommended Practice for Shotcreting in Australia. The society has arranged and convened several major International conferences on Engineering Developments in Shotcrete in both Australia and New Zealand as well as providing workshops in both Regional and Metropolitan Australia, often in conjunction with other industry bodies and institutions, focusing on the dissemination of information regarding current and evolving best practice in material science, engineering design, detail, aesthetic outcomes and guidance in the practical application fields of Shotcrete and its associated services.

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